Public Mobile: Affordable 4G Plans on Canada’s Largest Network


Public Mobile is a subcarrier of Telus and operates on Canada's largest network. Public Mobile offers 3G and new 4G LTE plans, although they do not provide Telus' fast 5G speeds.

Our mobile carrier operates on a prepaid-only basis, which means there are no contracts or commitments required. All plans are on a month-to-month basis, so you have the freedom and flexibility to pay for what you need, whenever you need it. You can get started with Public Mobile for as low as $15 per month for basic 3G speeds. If you prefer 4G service, the cheapest plan is $41.25 per month.

Public Mobile Pros and Cons

Public Mobile offers plans that are generally cheaper than what you are currently paying. However, it is important to consider that there may be some tradeoffs involved.

Pros Cons
  • Plans start from $15/month
  • A points program that helps you save Money
  • Excellent coverage
  • Prepaid carrier with 4G plans
  • No unlimited data
  • No 5G coverage
  • Very limited phone Deals
  • 4G plans are Costly

What We Like About Public Mobile:

Variety of Options:

Cell phone plans in Canada are well-known for being very expensive. So, finding a cell phone service that is affordable is always a relief. You can get 5GB of data for only $40 per month, which is a great deal. There are other options available that cost more but offer a large amount of data. The maximum amount you can pay for a 3G plan is $70 per month, which gives you 20GB of data. On the other hand, with 4G plans, you can get 40GB of data for $95 per month.

Point System:

Every month, you can earn Public Points that have the potential to significantly reduce your payment. Doing simple things like paying for your service or referring a friend can help you save money. Each Public Point is valued at $1, making them accumulate rapidly.

Activity Public Points Earned
Subscribe 5 points
Pay every month 5% of your monthly cost
Anniversary 10 points
Refer a friend 1 point/month they stay with Public
Helping in the Public Mobile Community Up to 20 points/month

4G Plans:

Out of the subcarrier prepaid brands, which include Public Mobile, Lucky Mobile, and Chatr, only Public Mobile provides 4G LTE data access. 4G is much faster than 3G, with speeds that can be up to 30 times faster. This means that tasks like downloading apps, loading videos, and streaming music will take much less time. Customers who are on a 3G plan will have a maximum speed of 3Mbps, while customers on a 4G plan will have a maximum speed of 100Mbps.

What We Don’t Like About Public Mobile

No Unlimted Data:

Public Mobile is the only prepaid brand that provides 4G service. However, it is important to note that they do not offer unlimited data, unlike other prepaid carriers. After you use up your 3G data on Chatr and Lucky, the speeds become very slow. They are not capable of doing much more than opening emails or simple web pages.

No 5G Coverage:

4G LTE speeds are faster than 3G, but 5G is even faster. Telus is unlikely to offer 5G through Public Mobile in the near future in order to keep a distinction in price and services.

Limited Phone Options:

Public Mobile now offers the option to buy phones, which is a new feature. The selection of certified pre-owned devices is limited and can only be found online. Additionally, you must pay the full amount upfront. Although having some phone choices is an improvement, it would be wise to consider other options for finding a new device.

Public Mobile Coverage

Thanks to the Telus network, Public Mobile provides the best coverage and reliability of the primary prepaid brands. While there are areas of the country where Public Mobile (and the other carriers) will struggle to provide service, these are mostly in the northern parts of the country with a smaller population. The map below can help you ensure that you’re covered. Check out Public Mobile Coverage from here.

Is Public Mobile Good to Use?

If you want affordable 4G service without any long-term commitment, Public Mobile is a great option. If you only need 3G speeds, there are many affordable options available to you. Public Mobile is a great carrier option because it offers Public Points to help you save money and uses the Telus network, which means you'll have service in more places.

If you want unlimited data, 5G speeds, or the latest hardware, Public Mobile may not be the best choice for you. Telus, the parent company of Public Mobile, offers all of these features and more. This means you can still enjoy the best nationwide coverage and additional perks with your plan.


Public Mobile is a prepaid mobile carrier operating on Canada's largest network, offering 3G and 4G LTE plans at affordable prices. While they do not provide 5G speeds, their plans start as low as $15 per month for basic 3G service. Public Mobile offers excellent coverage and a points program that allows you to save money on your monthly bill. However, there are some drawbacks, such as the absence of unlimited data, limited phone options, and the lack of 5G coverage. Overall, Public Mobile is a great choice for affordable 4G service without long-term commitments, backed by the reliability of the Telus network.

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