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TaxSlayer simplifies the process of filing a return for individuals who prefer a more independent approach and don't require extensive guidance. If you know which income you need to report and which deductions and credits you can claim, you can skip unnecessary interview screens and go straight to the sections you need.

If you need more assistance, you can use the software's questions to help you navigate the sections that are relevant to your tax situation. If you require further help, you have the option to upgrade to a more expensive package, which will provide assistance from a tax professional.

TaxSlayer offers users two options for completing their taxes. The first option is to answer questions, which will help the software guide them to the correct forms. The second option is to navigate directly to the specific sections they need to complete.

TaxSlayer is a great tax software tool for individuals who want to file their taxes on their own but may also require assistance if they encounter any difficulties or have questions. The software offers a wide range of options to cater to different needs.

There are other people who could benefit from using TaxSlayer:

Students: They are likely to qualify for free filing.

Self-Employed: The Classic edition of TaxSlayer includes all the tax forms you need. This includes Schedule C for reporting income from a business or freelance work, Schedule E for income from a rental or pass-through entity, and Schedule F for farming. Many other software tools require users to upgrade to a more expensive package in order to file Schedule C. You have the option to upgrade to the Self Employed version with TaxSlayer. This upgrade provides extra guidance and support from a tax expert.

TaxSlayer Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • With this step-by-step guide, you can file quickly.
  • Through the app, you can file your federal and state tax returns on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Offers great customer service over the phone and via email
  • Only the Premium and Self-Employed versions offer free tax help.
  • You cannot submit your W-2 or 1099 forms.
  • The tax experts at TaxSlayer have limited IRS VITA or in-house training and may not be CPAs, enrolled agents, or tax attorneys.

TaxSlayer Software Pricing

TaxSlayer has four different package tiers that are based on your income level, tax situation, and the level of support you prefer.

Simply Free

Price: $0

Package Includes:

  • One federal and one state return can be filed for free.
  • You can only get it if your taxed income is less than $100,000 and you don't have any kids.
  • Allows pay, salaries, unemployment, and taxable interest of less than $1,500 to be reported.
  • Allows for a normal deduction, education credits, and interest on student loans


Price: $34.95

Package Includes:

  • Includes all IRS forms, credits, and deductions with no limits.
  • The cost of a state return is an extra $39.95


Price: $54.95

Package Includes:

  • Covers all IRS forms, credits, and deductions with no limits
  • Includes priority phone and email help, live chat, and access to a tax professional
  • The cost of a state return is an extra $39.95


Price: $64.95

Package Includes:

  • Additional guidance for maximizing deductions when entering business income and expenses.
  • Unlimited phone, email, and live chat support, as well as access to a tax expert with expertise in self-employment.
  • Three years of audit defense and representation by a tax pro in the event of an IRS audit
  • Tax payment reminders
  • State return costs an added $39.95 fee.

If you are unsure of which edition you require, you can always begin with the Simply Free version. If you attempt to add income, deductions, or tax credits that are not permitted by the version you are using, the software will automatically switch you to the Classic Edition.

TaxSlayer has partnered with a third-party bank to offer this option if you want to pay your filing fee with your federal refund. This item costs $39.95.


TaxSlayer is a tax software that is easy to use and is designed for people who like to file their taxes on their own. This service gives you two choices for doing your taxes and offers extra help if you need it. TaxSlayer is a great option for students and self-employed people. The tax software has some advantages, like a helpful step-by-step guide and the option to file taxes on mobile devices. However, there are also some drawbacks, such as limited free tax assistance. TaxSlayer offers different pricing tiers to accommodate a range of tax situations and support preferences. In general, it is a useful tool that makes tax filing easier and more efficient.


Can I File My Taxes for Free With Taxslayer?

TaxSlayer offers a free package called “Simply Free” for individuals who earn less than $100,000 and don't have any children. You can file one federal and one state return for free.

What if I Need Assistance While Using Taxslayer?

TaxSlayer offers varying levels of support depending on the package you select. The Premium and Self-Employed versions provide free tax assistance, which includes priority phone and email support, live chat, and access to tax professionals.

Can I File My Taxes Using Taxslayer on My Smartphone or Tablet?

TaxSlayer has a mobile app that makes it easy for you to file your federal and state tax returns on your smartphone or tablet.

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